UT Coach Tom Herman catching heat for his food choices

Herman tweets picture of grocery card

UT football Coach Tom Herman had some interesting items in his grocery cart this week.

AUSTIN – New UT football coach (and former UH football coach) Tom Herman is getting a lot of attention because of his food choices.

Herman went grocery shopping alone this week, which apparently doesn't happen a lot, and what he put in his cart has the Twitter-verse worried.

Herman tweeted out pictures on Wednesday: "Thanks great people of @Randalls_Stores for helping me navigate my 1st grocery trip in a while. Can't wait to see @belletjh & kids this wknd."

The picture shows an interesting mix of items in the grocery cart, including a few boxes of cereal, mac n cheese, mini muffins, and Ramen noodles. To be fair, there is a container of mixed fruit in there. Still, the coach got quite a few concerned responses. Here are just a few of those tweets:

@KurtBerkes: Did Buddy the Elf write your grocery list for you?

@CigarsNJeeps: Fruity Pebbles&Lucky Charms? Better enjoy all that b4 the wife puts you back on the healthy stuff. :)

@navysubcdrret: Need to get yourself a nutritionist to go shopping with you. Lmao.

@CoachOzee: looks like a lot of carbs & processed sugars.  Next time you are in Arlington, we will fill you up on steak and veggies!

Not everyone was against Coach Herman's food choices. Some people liked what was in his cart:

@JayFisher74: THIS IS THE MAN I want making in game quick decisions!!! #awesome

@Coach__JGill: Breakfast game is on point.