Restaurant Report Card: Inspectors found food bags gnawed open by rodents

HOUSTON – Rats. There's nothing wrong with them if you’re at the zoo or your name is Willard, but they shouldn't be at a restaurant.

So imagine how restaurant inspectors reacted when they observed a rat crawling out from under the reach-in freezer at Tortilleria Las Milpas at 2228 Wirt Road.

They also observed a rat crawling through the porch right outside the front door, a roach behind the freezer and another roach in the dry storage room.

At the Spaghetti Western at 1951 W. TC Jester, inspectors ruled several foods unsafe for human consumption, including chicken, pasta salad, tomatoes and calamari, all of which were being stored outside the safe temperature range. Those foods were condemned and the cooler quarantined.

At Popeye’s at 5026 Antoine Drive, health inspectors found “evidence of rodent activity."

Specifically, the inspectors wrote that they found bags of food that had been gnawed open by rodents.

The manager told KPRC Channel 2 News, “That’s not true."

At Eight Row Flint at 1039 Yale Street, the where the Health Department took exception to the brown slime and black residue found in the ice machine. That machine was quarantined.

And this week we want to congratulate the crew at Five Guys Burgers and Fries at 2902 North Shepherd.

They received an absolutely spotless inspection report from the Houston Health Department and we say that rates a big, juicy, burger. Booyah!