Police searching for man caught on camera ransacking office building

HOUSTON – Surveillance cameras captured a man walking around inside an office building in the 5100 block of Richmond Avenue on New Year’s Eve.

The building was closed, and security said the man wasn’t supposed to be there.

Cameras recorded him in the lobby, the hallways and the parking garage.

When employees returned to work the following week, they discovered they had been burglarized.

Now, authorities want to talk to the man who was seen in the video.

“My staff had discovered that the office had been entered and ransacked,” said Sarine Randle, an attorney whose office was broken into.

A lot of cash, some money orders and three laptops were taken from Randle’s law office.

“The cash was over $45,000,” he told KPRC.

And sadly, Randle’s office wasn’t the only one broken into. Others in the building were hit as well.

“We think he was casing the place, trying to take advantage of the fact that during the holidays nobody was here,” Randle said. “The gentleman was videotaped canvassing the ninth floor, seventh floor and he was videotaped also on the fifth floor.”

The man was seen entering the building empty-handed, but leaving with a bag.

He was driving a light-colored, four-door sedan, and anyone with information should contact the police.