Local actress speaks about release of new film, Hidden Figures

HOUSTON – It's one of the most talked about movies of the new year: Hidden Figures. It’s the untold story of three women who helped put America's first man into space. While you may recognize some of the biggest stars in the film, it's one of the less-recognized stars who has a connection to Houston

“Being on set with the stars, it really taught you something, even if you had kind of a low role, you were surrounded by legends, which was just really amazing to be by and they gave us some great tips,” says Kamryn Johnson.

Johnson plays the daughter of Octavia Spencer's character. Though this may be the 11-year-old's highest profile film to date, it's not her first. She’s been a part of Lovesick, Son Shine, Left Behind (2014), Bessie and Black Majick.

So how does a pre-teen become a silver screen actress?

“When I was 3, I used to rewind the TVs and do exactly that same scene and I used to just do that for like, well, yeah I just used to do that all the time,” remembers Kamryn.

“I remember the conversations we would have like 'one day you may see yourself on TV,'” recalls her mom and manager (or as they call her “momager”) Keshla Fuller.

Even at that young age, you could tell she had it in her. Her mom has a video of her speaking at her pre-Kindergarten graduation and in it she is confident and doesn’t stumble once.

So the real question is, will she stick with it? Johnson says she has dreams to be a Hollywood A-lister.

As for mom, “as long as she's passionate about it then we'll keep going, if she starts 'well I don't know,' then we're just going to focus on school.”