Snoop Dogg gives Willie Nelson 'Smoke weed everyday' Christmas sweater

Country music singer posts picture of Christmas gift on Twitter

Country music legend Willie Nelson proudly wears the Christmas sweater given to him by rapper Snoop Dogg. (Twitter/@willienelson)

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A country music singer and a rap star seem like unlikely acquaintances, but their love for marijuana may be the tie that binds.

Willie Nelson took to Twitter on Wednesday to proudly display the Christmas sweater that Snoop Dogg got for him.

Nelson posted a picture of himself wearing the red sweater. It reads, "Smoke weed everyday," and shows a cannabis leaf with ornate Christmas decorations on it.

"Thank you @SnoopDogg for the Christmas Sweater," Nelson wrote.

Nelson, like Snoop Dogg, has had several marijuana possession arrests.

Good luck topping that next Christmas, Willie.

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