Police help stage traffic stop proposal

RAVENSWOOD, W.V. – For one Ravenswood, West Virginia couple, what seemed to be a night going horribly wrong turned out to be a night they will never forget.

Brandon Nutter and Sidnee Morgan were on their way to their family's house to celebrate Christmas when they were pulled over by Ravenswood Police.

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"I was scared to death because I obviously didn't know," Sidnee said. "I've never been pulled over before. So I was so scared, especially when they asked what was in the glove box and he said a gun."

The video shows police asking Brandon Nutter and Sidnee Morgan to step out of their truck. Brandon has his heads over his head while police search him.

Then Brandon knelt down on one knee and popped the question.

"I literally couldn't even speak words. That's why I just stood there. I was so shocked and so excited," Sidnee said.

Sidnee had no clue the whole proposal was planned down to the minute and location.

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