Man baffled at cost to get stolen vehicle back from tow company

HOUSTON – A man from Shepherd says he can’t catch a break after his vehicle was stolen in Houston, then impounded and now he has to pay a fee to get it back.

Jimmy Wetuski was at the Home Depot near 610 and Shepherd on Dec. 27 when his truck was stolen from the parking lot.

“It all happened within five minutes,” Wetuski said.

He said he was very upset when it happened because he's a contractor and uses his truck for work.

“I had tools in there, I had my deer rifles,” Wetuski said.

He thought the truck was gone for good, but on Tuesday, he received a letter from a wrecker service in Houston that said it had his truck.

The only problem is, the wrecker service is charging Wetuski more than $300 to get the truck back and that fee increases by the day.

“It says I have to pay this big fine to get my truck out of the impound and today the fee adds up to $460,” Wetuski said.

He said he refuses to pay the fee since he had no part in getting his truck towed.

According to the Houston Police Department, the truck was towed from an apartment complex in Northwest Houston several hours after Wetuski reported it stolen.

According to HPD, the owner of the wrecker service will not reduce the fee because his employees were just doing their job, after someone who works at the apartment complex called to get the truck towed.

HPD says there are a couple things Wetuski can do to possibly avoid paying the fee.

First, he can file a dispute with the city and appear in court for a hearing. He can also pay the fee, then see if his insurance will handle the bill.