IPhone charger blows up while plugged into cellphone

HOUSTON – It was a nightmare that woke her up. Only this time, it was real.

Rebecca Foley said she went to sleep Sunday night with her granddaughter right beside her. She said she put her IPhone on its charger on her pillow like she does every night to use as her alarm clock.

Foley said that night she woke up only a few hours later to what looked like fireworks.

"I was kind of like, 'why was there fireworks in my bedroom?' because I was woke up in the middle of a deep sleep, so I didn't know what to think," Foley said.

She said the charger exploded in the middle of the night, just inches away from her head, sending sparks across the bed. Foley said it only lasted a few seconds, but it was terrifying.

"It could've took my life and her life. It could've burned down this whole apartment complex. It was just really scary," Foley said.

Foley said she plans to bring the issue up with Apple, and possibly get a new charger. The only thing she knows for sure is she will never sleep with it on her pillow again.

Channel 2 has reached out to Apple. We are still waiting for a response.