Houston woman's fitness idea has people bouncing into new year

HOUSTON – Before you say, “how cliché, a fitness story the first Monday of the year,” this is more rare than your typical workout.

“It’s different than any other exercise,” said workout student Deborah Coleman.

“I was nervous because I have no coordination and I am extremely clumsy,” another workout student, Nikyma Walker, said.

Coleman and Walker work out with Kangoo Jumps. They are similar to a giant, stable springs for your feet.

Workout instructor Mia Trevillion uses them to teach a fitness class.

“I started teaching fitness at 18 … step classes, aerobics classes, spin classes. I taught the gamut,” Trevillion said.

However, that profession was nearly taken from her.

“About four years ago I had a car accident and my knee came in contact with the dashboard. My orthopedic (doctor) said, ‘That’s it, no more teaching fitness,’” Trevillion recalled.

Did she give up?

“It’s not going to happen. This is not the end of my story, this can’t be,” Trevillion said.

Long story short, she remembered seeing the low-impact Kangoo Jumps years prior.

Trevillion attended a convention promoting them.

“They gave us some training and we just started putting it together, piece by piece, and I said, ‘When I get back to Houston I’m starting a class,’” she said. And that’s how Groove Bounce Fitness was born.

“That first workout we had, I was like ‘that was the longest five to 10 minutes ever, when (are) we ever going to catch a break,’” said Latonia Carter, a workout student at Groove Bounce Fitness.

“It’s dancing, it’s choreography, and of course, it’s easy on the joints,” said Gina Camarina, another workout student.

“I have bad knees, but this was awesome,” student Tomyka Wimberley said.

“Definitely got my heart rate up,” fellow student Mike Benitez said.

If you want to sweat and do a little Groove Bounce fun, classes are offered three times a week at Fit Factor in the Memorial City area. She even offers a class for kids.

To sign up or more information about her workout classes visit Groove Bounce Fitness or its Facebook page.