Father shares memories of son killed in Apache helicopter crash

Luke Lowe
Luke Lowe (Facebook)

HOUSTON – The father of one of the servicemen killed in a helicopter crash over Galveston Bay said his son loved serving his country.

James Lowe’s son, 33-year-old Luke Lowe, was one of two servicemen killed when their Apache helicopter came crashing down into the water Wednesday afternoon. The other serviceman on board was 32-year-old Dustin Mortenson, of League City. 

Lowe was a Daisetta native who graduate from Daisetta High School. He had been in the military for 13 years.

“He loved what he was doing. He said ‘Daddy, this is what I want to do and I love doing it. I love serving my country,’” Lowe said.

Both Lowe and Mortenson leave behind wives and children. Luke’s wife is currently pregnant with twins.

As of Friday, crews were still trying to locate Lowe’s body and salvage parts of the helicopter from the water. “He has made me so proud and he's a better man than I could ever be in my eyes,” Lowe said. “He's just a blessing."

The helicopter took off from Ellington Airport before it crashed into the water. A team of Army investigators is now trying to figure out what caused the crash. On Thursday, officials told KPRC2 crew they had discovered the aircraft’s black box and they are hoping surveillance video may have captured the crash.  

Luke’s friends have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his wife and children.

As of Friday afternoon, it had already raised more than $25,000.