Restaurant Report Card: Final edition, rats in restaurants

HOUSTON – Cheers, everyone and welcome to our final edition of the Restaurant Report Card for 2016.

And we begin with rat droppings found at Tortilleria Las Milpas, at 2228 Wirt Road, where restaurant inspectors found rodent excrement on top of bags of rice, in the cooking area, in the dry-storage room and even on top of the tortilla machine.

From rodent droppings to rainbows, our next stop is The Rainbow Lodge at 2011 Ella.

Here, the health department found several foods not safe for the public.

We’re talking about cooked rice, cooked potatoes, buffalo meat and beef, all being stored well above safe temperatures.

Our next location is Ruggles Green at 801 Town And Country Boulevard, where inspectors discovered problems with the way a couple of foods were being stored.

Specifically, they observed pasta lying on the floor of the walk-in cooler; that food is supposed to be stored at least six inches above the floor on shelves.

They also found frozen bread kept uncovered and sitting on bare shelves, exposed to possible contamination.

Restaurant managers tell us they promptly threw out all of that questionable food.

Pushing on, we travel to Gatti’s Pizza on El Camino Real where the Houston health inspectors noted the presence of slime in the ice machine.

Health workers ordered all of that ice thrown away immediately.

And speaking of slime, we head out to Hunky Dory, located at 1801N. Shepherd St., where inspectors say the ice machine was anything but hunky dory.

They ordered the ice machine quarantined and 1,200 pounds of ice  tossed out, after finding yellow slime in around that machine.

And this week our coveted A-Plus Award goes out to the hardworking crew at Drew’s BBQ on Richmond in Montrose for earning a spotless restaurant report.

Andrew the owner prides himself on the eatery’s mouth-watering beef brisket and tender ribs.

So we say Boooo-yaaaaah!

Happy New Year to yaaaaaah!