Mother of son stabbed while ordering burgers speaks about his condition

Michael Kenneth Jones made his first appearance before a criminal court judge Thursday morning.  

He was accused of walking up behind 19-year-old Ricky Davila and stabbing him as Davila simply ordered a hamburger at Poppa Burger Tuesday afternoon.

Prosecutor Casey Goodman said, "The defendant who at this point we're not aware of any connection.  It just seems to be a complete stranger comes up behind him and starts stabbing."

Goodman said Jones continued stabbing Davila even as Davila laid on the ground. 

Ricky Davila’s family was with him at the hospital Thursday afternoon. They have been with him since the attack. His mother, Cristina Davila talked with KPRC 2 by phone.

"He's just such a good kid.  He was always trying to help people. This just shouldn't have happened to him. It happened for no reason. He was just hungry.  It hurts my heart," Cristina Davila said. 

His mother said the former Northside High School basketball player had an injury to his spine.  After the attack, she said he was left with little feeling in his left leg.

Cristina Davila said after physical therapy, he should be okay. She said, "He actually stood up today.  And they moved his legs around.  And of course he don't have much strength in his legs.

He can't hardly feel, but he's gonna come around and I'm pretty sure he's gonna walk."

Jones was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  His bond has been raised to $75,000.

A fund to help the victim cover medical costs has been set up at GoFundMe.com. Click/tap here for more information.