Authorities rescue 8 malnourished horses in NW Houston

HOUSTON – Green grass to graze, room to roam, and a solid ground to walk on for these horses, it's a whole new world. ​

"For the first time, they're actually able to stretch their legs and walk around," Monica Schmidt with the Houston Humane Society said.

The Houston Humane Society, along with Houston Police and Precinct 5, seized eight horses Wednesday from what they say were deplorable conditions. ​

"I really think, by stepping in, we saved their lives," Schmidt said. "They were stuck in a very small enclosure, especially too small for eight horses, that was complete mud, muck and manure. And that wet substance was all the way up over their hooves where it was hard for them to even walk."

Schmidt says the animals suffered from months to even years of neglect. The horses were left without food, water, any type of veterinary care or even just basic grooming.

"Hooves are so overgrown that they're starting to grow upwards, like a duck bill. And that's very painful for the horses to stand on," Schmidt said.

She says the horses are now hundreds of pounds underweight, but they're finally in a healthy environment. And it will take months to nurse them back to health.

"And I hope that that helps bring back some of their spirit," Schmidt said.

Two people on the property were arrested for unrelated charges, but Schmidt says they do hope to bring animal cruelty charges against whoever a judge decides did this to these horses.

This seizure was part of Monty's Task Force -- an effort that focuses on ending animal cruelty and neglect of horses, specifically in the Acres Homes area.