Burglars target H-E-B pharmacies during Christmas morning

HOUSTON – The burglaries happened early Christmas morning, on one of the two days during the year that H-E-B closes its doors.

A spokesperson from the grocery giant said five of its locations all across the Houston area were hit Christmas morning.

Shattered glass and a boarded-up window mark the point of entry for one store at Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnett.

It appears the suspects broke into each store the same way, according to H-E-B officials.

Another location targeted was the store at West Lake Houston Parkway and Kingwood Drive. There, the suspects left behind a trash bag full of prescription narcotics.

It's unclear if they made off with any goods or cash. Police say they saw several men take off once they arrived.

The three other locations that were hit are unknown at this time.

H-E-B did release a statement saying they will continue to work with law enforcement as they continue their investigation.