Suspected drunken driver races around airport terminal


TATARSTAN, Russia – A suspected drunk driver used a Russian airport as their own personal race course, according to multiple media reports.

Video of the driver was posted to YouTube.

The driver knocked down a barrier at Kazan Airport in Tatarstan, Russia, and authorities tried to stop the vehicle, according to The Sun, but the car smashed through a large glass door and drove into the terminal.

Video shows the vehicle driving past the baggage claim, and by several airport counters and waiting areas.

The driver even deftly maneuvered down a handicap ramp, as authorities on foot chased the car.

The pursuit went on for nearly two minutes, until the vehicle eventually smashed through another glass window to exit the terminal.

Authorities eventually arrested the driver outside the airport terminal, according to reports.

No one was injured, according to The Independent.

Watch the video, complete with an underlying music track of 'Yakety Sax, in the player below. App users, click here to watch.