Man accused of making threats against Houston law enforcement on social media

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – The Houston Police Officers Union is warning officers to be cautious, after receiving word about a man in northeast Harris County who made threats on social media against law enforcement.

“Essentially we received a call from Harris County, who told us they had a man who made a false call in order to get police officers to respond to a location,” said Joseph Gamaldi, 2nd Vice President of the Houston Police Officers Union.

It turns out the man wasn’t really at that location, but investigators were able to use the phone number he called on to find his Facebook account.

“They saw numerous cases where he was threatening violence against police officers and threatening to shoot officers in the back of the head,” Gamaldi said.

The man also has a history of family violence.

Gamaldi said they have to take the online threats very seriously, especially since there have been so many cases of violence toward law enforcement personnel across the country and here in the Houston area.

In August 2015, Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth was shot and killed at a Cypress gas station, while in uniform.

The accused killer did not appear to have any motive, other than the fact that Goforth was a member of law enforcement.

“There are people out there who want to harm police officers simply for the color they wear,” Gamaldi said. “It’s not right and we're going to take it seriously when someone makes a threat like that.”

Thursday afternoon, the Houston Police Department arrested the man on unrelated charges.