Man accused of following woman for nearly 10 miles while touching himself

HOUSTON – "Of course it was scary."

One woman was visibly shaken after what she says happened to her last week.

She asked us not reveal her identity because the suspect still hasn’t been arrested.

On Dec. 15, she snapped a picture of a small silver car. She said the driver followed her from her gym in Atascosita on Will Clayton Parkway nearly 10 miles as she drove to pick her son up from school.

She said it was scary knowing someone was following her, but even scarier once she realized what the driver was doing.

Inside the other vehicle, police said the man had no pants on and he was touching himself.

"Because my car is higher than his car, and then nothing on the bottom - he was naked. Totally," the woman said. "He wanted me to see what he was doing."

The woman went to the police to file a report, and she handed over the photo to them.

She also provided a license plate number and was able to later pick the man out of a photo lineup.

Police identified him as James Cordell.

Police haven't arrested Cordell, but he's been charged with indecent exposure.

According to court documents, when police ran the license plate number, they were able to get an address.

They went to the home and spoke to Cordell’s dad, but they haven’t been able to speak with Cordell.

The victim is hoping he gets picked up soon, before it happens to someone else.

Court documents show this wasn’t Cordell’s first time.

He was arrested in October, accused of doing the same thing to another woman. That case was dropped because the judge did not sign the warrant.