Last-minute shoppers reaching crunch time

HOUSTON – There are only three days left until Christmas, which means options are dwindling for the last-minute shoppers out there. One of them? Tell your boss you want to do a last-minute shopping story for KPRC.

Reasons for hitting the store so close to Christmas are plentiful.

“This is just last-minute gifts for people that I feel like I probably forgot,” says shopper Donna Hutson.

“I wanted to know exactly what my cousin wanted,” says shopper Joel Charles.

“I'm actually moving so it caused me to last-minute shop," says shopper Amber Davis.

However, the way people last minute shop is changing.

“My wife likes the going-in-store thing; I don’t,” says Michael Lewis.

Lewis was in line at Walmart's item-pickup area. It's been his sole stop over the last few weeks. Rather than wander the store or wait at home for deliveries, he's essentially shopped the aisles from his couch and then just come in when he was ready

“That’s pretty much what I’ve done with all my gifts now is just order them all online and just go pick them up,” Lewis said.

Management at this particular store says it's been a fast-growing method and they're expecting even more sales this way over the next two days.

For those of you reading this story saying, "Man, I need to get my shopping done," you're not alone. The International Council of Shopping Centers did a study finding nearly 90 percent of adults will still be shopping for Christmas the week leading up to it and 20 percent of us will be shopping Christmas Eve.