USPS letter carrier carjacked in NE Houston

HOUSTON – A letter carrier was carjacked Monday afternoon and his postal truck was stolen.

Late Tuesday night, postal inspectors detained three people in a northeast Houston neighborhood.

Two of those people have been arrested in connection to the crime as of Wednesday.

The missing mail truck was found close to Canton Bluff Lane near Reston Glen Lane.

The truck was dumped in a retention area at the back of the neighborhood.

What was left of the mail was bagged up and carted off.

"Thankfully our letter carrier is safe and was not hurt," Sylvia Torres, U.S. postal inspector, said.

Shortly after finding the truck, postal inspectors and Precinct 4 deputy constables converged on a house in the nearby Imperial Ridge subdivision.

Three people are being questioned. Postal inspectors won't say much beyond that.

Even though three people are being questioned, the postal service is still offering a $25,000 reward for any information that helps them with the case.