Despite chilly weather, apartment fire rages in northwest Houston

HOUSTON – As the temperatures take a tumble across the Houston area, like it or not, some people still have to work out in the elements.

The firefighters who put out a fire on the city's northwest side on Monday are a case in point.

The fire started around 3 p.m. on Antoine Drive near Tidwell Road, and over a dozen firefighters battled the flames before it was completely out.

Heavy equipment, flames, thick black smoke and the cold each play a role when crews are fighting a fire.

There is no word yet on the cause of the fire yet.

It's not the first fire, nor will it be the last, crews will fight in this kind of cold.

"Of course it's cold. We get wet after the fires. We take our gear off and then it'll start to affect us a little more, but during the actually fighting of the fire, we don't really notice how cold or hot it is at that point in time. It's just as the incident drags on the element will get to us," said Capt. Brett Pali, of the Houston Fire Department.

Two people were displaced in the fire, according to reports, but apartment management is working to relocate them.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported.