Missing 10-year-old boy found safe by KPRC 2 crew

HOUSTON – A 10-year-old boy who was reported missing late Wednesday night from his Third Ward home was found Thursday morning by a KPRC 2 crew.

Houston police said Benjamin Smith was last seen wearing a black and red Michael Jordan jacket, a white shirt and red basketball shorts.

KPRC 2’s Cathy Hernandez and photographer Damon Sales were driving to the home of the boy, near Wheeler Avenue and Live Oak Street, when they spotted a boy wearing the distinctive jacket.

According to Hernandez, Sales asked the boy who he was and the boy said his name is Benjamin Sales got out of the truck and walked with the boy while the crew escorted him home.

Benjamin said he ran away from home because he was afraid of his punishment after getting into trouble.

“I was walking with my friend and my other friend to Subway,” Benjamin said. “My mom thought it was wrong, then I ran away. Now, I’m going back home.”

Benjamin’s mother told Hernandez that she was grateful to the KPRC 2 crew for finding her boy.

[WATCH: KPRC2 crew finds missing boy walking home in early-morning hours]

“Thank you,” she said. “I’m appreciative you all came at the right time.”

The boy and mother were emotional when they were reunited.

The mother said she and her son will get some sleep after a long, sleepless night.