Katy photographer puts creative spin on photos

(Lanza Manage Photography)

KATY, Texas – Imagine being anywhere you desire, even if it’s an enchanted forest, with just a click and flash from a camera.

A Katy photographer, Tiffany Lanza, 32, has found a creative way to stand out from her competition by bringing her imagination to life through a photo. 

Lanza has only been in the game for six to eight months, but was inspired to come up with a crazy theme that cannot be captured on a photo.

“I like to set myself apart and stand out,” Lanza said.

Lanza told KPRC2 that her first work of art happened when she took a photo of her daughter outside their home and turned it into a fairy-tale escape. In the photo, Lanza’s daughter is kissing a reindeer and has fairy wings.

PHOTOS: Katy photographer puts creative spin on family photos

Lanza describes her photo shoots as be fun and active for children. In a recent shoot, she said there were two children using their imagination by pretending to ride a polar bear.

Lanza said it takes her from 30 minutes to two hours to create one photo using Photoshop. She said one of her craziest requests so far has been a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” theme, but she is up for more challenges in the future.

Lanza said it’s exciting for children to express themselves through a creative photo, but she photographs people of all ages.

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