Nearby residents file lawsuit against White Oak Music Hall

HOUSTON – Families living near White Oak Music Hall are taking their fight against the venue to the courtroom.

Residents said they are fed up with the noise coming from the outdoor stage of the White Oak Music Hall.

People living in Glen Park, Woodland Heights and the historic Near Northside neighborhoods said the noise from concerts is a nuisance and lowers their property values.

So the neighbors served White Oak Music Hall with a lawsuit.

One mother who lives near the venue said the outdoor concerts aren't just a noise nuisance, but since her son has autism and is sensitive to loud sounds, sometimes the concerts cause much more than just stress.

"He's been under our coffee table hiding, he's been in his closet, sometimes he's aggressive at school because he didn't get a good night's sleep the night before," Theresa Cavin said.

"The noise has got to stop, and we need the city to step up and yank the permits on this facility," Cris Feldman, the attorney who filed the lawsuit, said.

Wednesday morning, Feldman along with nine plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against the new venue.

"We're seeking an injunction going forward in court tomorrow at 3 p.m.," Feldman said. "A temporary restraining order to cease the noise to stop."

White Oak Music Hall didn't build the facility with outdoor stages without permission, the city allowed it to pass.

While some are filing this lawsuit, other residents don't mind the new attraction.

"It's an inevitable thing and I think it's improving the neighborhood and will improve the neighborhood," Logan Beck said.

Feldman said the temporary restraining order would halt the construction of the outdoor stage and and keep the noise down, at least for now.

White Oak Music Hall released this statement:

"White Oak Music Hall is aware of a petition from certain neighbors seeking to receive monetary compensation from prior outdoor events and to prevent us from having said outdoor events in the future. The charges of undue sound nuisance are unfounded as w-o-m-h operates within the COH sound ordinance and will continue to do so when operating its fully permitted lawn stage."