Thief caught on camera stealing Christmas gifts from front porch in Baytown

BAYTOWN, Texas – A Baytown family released surveillance video Sunday in hopes it will help identify the woman who stole three Christmas gifts from their front porch.

"Three stolen boxes," Adelaida Medrano said.

"I had ordered some packages and they told me they were delivered on Dec. 7 and my packages never arrived," she said.

Medrano figured she should look through surveillance video from the cameras that case her home. To her surprise, she found out what happened to her packages.

"I saw a lady walking up to my doorstep and carrying the packages and walking away with them," Medrano said.

The Baytown Police Department Office is investigating.

Medrano told KPRC2 the packages were gifts for her family. She hopes she can reorder them in time for the holiday. 

"Those were my Christmas gifts. I worked very hard to get them and for someone to walk onto my property and take them away is very disappointing," Medrano said.