Former NASA director Chris Kraft remembers late astronaut John Glenn

HOUSTON – Like John Glenn, Chris Kraft is a space pioneer and an American hero.

He was flight director for all the Mercury missions, and went on to become the Director of Johnson Space Center.

In February 1962, Kraft was the man in charge of Mission Control when Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth.

Kraft worked with Glenn when he was a test pilot, before he joined the space program.

Over the years, that bond only became stronger.

Kraft says he last talked by phone with Glenn about six weeks ago about Glenn’s declining health.

“He had macular degeneration and had a slight stroke. But he sounded good. He talked well. He reminisced that he and I were the only two that were left. And he said, 'I suppose we won’t be here much longer.' This man devoted his life to his country. Not very many people do that.”