Dry cleaning customers left without clothes after store unexpectedly closes

HOUSTON – Byron Harrison is one of dozens of customers who feel stiffed by an Humble dry cleaning shop after the business failed to give them their clothes.

In fact, after weeks of calling and stopping by the Quality Cleaners on FM 1960 Bypass Road West near Highway 59, Harrison spotted a letter posted on the front door.

"It says, 'Under the authority of the Texas property code the landlord has exercised his statutory right to change or modify your lock,'" says Harrison.

The letter is from the cleaners' property manager, stating that the locks were changed because the owners have failed to pay rent.

That's a problem because Harrison and the other customers want their clothes -- some that have already been paid for.

"I had three dress shirts that I wear to work in there," says Harrison. "It's kind of corny, but I have matching ties for each set, so it's like that shirt, there's a tie waiting for it that matches it in my closet."

The owners of the dry cleaners are listed as Phuc and Mai Nguyen -- but neither our attempts nor the attempts of their customers to reach the Nguyens have been successful.

"There's a question on, 'So does the property management company own our clothes?'" says Harrison. "I tried to call and no one called me back."

The note on the door from the property managers also says they haven't broken their lease and if they pay their rent they can regain access to the building.

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