Friends, family enjoy 'Hairspray Live!' from Maddie Baillio's high school

HOUSTON – Hundreds of people filled the auditorium of the performing arts center at Clear Falls High School in League City on Wednesday to watch one of the most popular kids to come out of the town -- Maddie Baillio.

It's where the star of Wednesday night's "Hairspray Live!" went to school. On Wednesday night, they hosted a watch party for friends, family and students.

"It's amazing. Her voice sounds spectacular," said Jennifer Dillard, Baillio's aunt. "The whole cast is doing such a great job."

Dillard says the family has been overwhelmed with the support they've received from the community.

To see Baillio on TV is a dream come true for the entire group.

"It's just amazing because she started out as such a shy child, which is the opposite of what she is now," Dillard said. "She's just blossomed into this beautiful young woman and we're just so proud of her."

Baillio won the starring role this past summer, outperforming nearly 1,000 other actresses.

She didn't decide to even go to the audition until 3 the morning of, but her family says it's something that was meant to be.

"She's been working on this for a long time. This wasn't just an overnight thing," said her uncle Darin Dillard. "This has been a passion for her for most of her life."

Students were also amped up for Baillio's big night. Many of them performed beside her when she was here in the choir and on the dance team.

Baillio may have hit the big time but she hasn't forgotten where she came from.

"She came and told us her story actually a few weeks ago and explained to us about how it all happened," student Donielle Sleek said. "It's very inspiring for all of us."

Baillio is expected to return home as early as this weekend.

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