2 thieves caught on camera stealing Raybans, owner has message

HOUSTON – The owner of an eyeglasses store in Rice Village released surveillance video Sunday in hopes someone will recognize the two men accused of robbing the store.

"One is distracting. The other is shoplifting glasses, basically," said Patty Barna-Camp, manager of Reading Glasses to Go, in the 2400 block of Rice Boulevard.

"It makes you a little scared, but it also makes you angry." 

Barna-Camp said she could be seen in the surveillance video of the robbery, which occurred on Nov. 18.

She said she was speaking with one of the men who distracted her.

In the video, the other man can be seen picking up a pair of glasses. Barna-Camp said she saw it and questioned him about it.

"They said, 'OH, yes, I took those glasses. I put then on the counter I'm just going to step out and get something to write that down,' and they took off," Barna-Camp said.

Three pairs of Raybans were stolen, said Barna-Camp, who valued each at $150.

Barna-Camp has a message for the two who stole from her store.

"I just hope that whoever is out there will keep in mind that when you're shoplifting from stores that you will get caught sooner or later," she said.