Black Friday frenzy: Shoppers rush to stores to find bargains

HOUSTON – Strolling through the stores, shoppers grabbed the best deals they could find all year long. It's Black Friday, the ultimate race to savings.

Shoppers have different reasons why anticipate for the big day.

"Getting toys at really good deals," shopper Avery McMickle said.

"It's fun, and we enjoy being together. Can't go shopping without my girls," shopper Jordan Ross said.

This year deals started at 3 p.m. Thursday.

Black Friday shoppers said there was no way they would've ditched the turkey for the deals.

"We definitely would not have come yesterday. We don't support stores being open on Thursday. We think everybody, everybody deserves to be home with their family," shopper Tracy McMickle said.

"I mean this stuff makes you feel good, but Thanksgiving is all about family so, yeah, that's important," shopper Faiyaz Rahman said.

So far, retailers said working through the holiday is paying off. They're already seeing bigger turnouts and better profits than last year.

"We're a little bit busier than last year. We're a little bit busier. We expected a large crowd, which we did get yesterday," Adrian Jackson, with Best Buy, said.

"We're trending positively to last year, so sales have been really good so far for us, specifically in this market," Kohl's store manager Karli Wagoner said.

Black Friday came early, but that's not having any impact on those who are used to doing it the way it was done before.

"We still like to get up early, go out to a few stores and then eat breakfast together as a family," Jamie Partridge said.

The Partridge family said Black Friday has become a time for family bonding.

"It becomes a day that we spend, just us, all together," Partridge said.

Two sisters-in-law-- Natalie Mcintyre and Donna Platt-- said they have been shopping together on Black Friday for more than 20 years.

"It's our tradition. It's what we do. We go shop together, and have lunch and hang out," McIntyre said.

They said it was a much needed break from reality.

"Leave the husbands at home. This is our day. May not buy anything, but it gets us out of the house," Platt said.

The tradition was new for the Ross family but when they went out, they said it was well worth it.

"The deals, definitely the deals. It's kind of like an adrenaline rush. We like to shop until we drop," the Ross family said.