911 calls released after car plows through park

HOUSTON – Several people dialed 911 after a red Saab crashed through a fence and went barreling into a playground at Heritage Park on El Dorado near Pilgrims Point.

Fire officials said a woman pushed two children out of the way, but she was hit by the car.

Audio from 911 calls:

"There was a car that crashed into a playground here and knocked a couple of people down and the driver is stuck in the car," one 911 caller said.

The dispatcher then asked about the driver of the car.

The caller said at first she appeared to be knocked out, but then stumbled out of the car.

"So she's not going anywhere?" the dispatcher said.

"She's walking, but she's definitely not going anywhere," the caller said.

Sheriff's officials said the woman told them she recently left a doctor's appointment and blacked out.

The Sheriff's Office is still investigating the circumstances.

No charges have been filed at this time, and police say all those hurt suffered minor injuries.