2016 top toys released by HISD elementary students

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HOUSTON – Parents putting together a Santa’s wish list may want to take notes because Houston Independent School District’s elementary students have released their picks for the hottest toys holiday season.

Longfellow Elementary School fifth-grade students announced Tuesday that video games and Easy-Bake Ovens are among the hottest items in 2016. The goal of the survey is to help give parents and relatives an idea of what to buy as they do their holiday shopping.

The list is separated by gender and ranked by the most popular items out of the five.


1.      Easy-Bake Ovens

2.      Emoji toys

3.      Play-Doh

4.      Stuffed animals

5.      Yummy Nummies


1.      Video games

2.      Minecraft

3.      Nerf toys

4.      Sports stuff

5.      Pokémon

The fifth-graders performed the polling by interviewing classmates on what gift they wanted to receive this year. The students used “7 Habits of Happy Kids” leadership qualities as a guide to help them organize their survey.

“The annual toy survey allows students to interact with younger grade levels by getting their classmates’ opinion on this holiday season’s most wanted toys,” said program organizer and first-grade teacher Danica Kasner. “This activity teaches students teamwork, responsibility, and how to make a presentation in front of a real audience.”

The toys were given to the school from a Target store near the neighborhood. The fifth-graders who led the survey are allowed to choose a toy for themselves. The rest of the toys are given to the students in need at Longfellow Elementary School.

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