Texans fans geared up for game night in Mexico City

HOUSTON – Many people from the city of Houston came not just for the game Monday night, but to promote Houston as a cultural destination ahead of our big game in February.

The Texans are expected to face the Raiders at 7:30 p.m. Monday in Mexico City.

Texans fans have been waiting a long time for this moment and have several reasons to celebrate.

“It’s amazing. It’s real good. I didn’t expect that we would have my team over here so it’s amazing to have them over here,” said Manuel, a dedicated Texans fan.

Fans have been pouring into Mexico City, and the gates of Estadio Azteca are officially sold out.

Texans fan Lorena Flores said the money was worth it. “To come and live the experience, the whole experience of the NFL— we’re very excited,” Flores said.

Visitors have been stopping by a mural in Mexico City to take pictures. In fact, doing so was recommended as part of the journey for Texans making this trip.