KPRC 2 News team shares holiday traditions, memories

(Wikimedia Commons/Ben Franske)

Thanksgiving is upon us and that means, food, family and tradition.

The KPRC News team is sharing some of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and memories.

Dominique Sachse’s kitchen is where one of her favorite Thanksgiving memories is. She and her father, who died earlier this year, annually made German pound cake -- called a pouffer -- together.

“A piece of butter to be melted, and I would do that on a very low heat. Just to warm the pot,” he said.

“Anything that starts with two sticks with butter is really good in my book,” Sachse said.

For Jennifer Reyna, her fondest memory was right after Thanksgiving, when over the weekend when the family Christmas tree would go up. In elementary and middle school she made ornaments to bring home, which her mother would hang on the tree. 

Christmas Eve was a day of tradition in Amy Davis’ home growing up. Every Christmas Eve, they would make oyster stew since it was her father’s favorite thing.  Then they would head out to look out at Christmas lights in Custom Wood Forest. Her family would drive around there and then attend midnight Mass. 

While they were out, elves would stop by her family home and drop off pajamas to sleep in on Christmas Eve.
The next morning they would wake up after Santa dropped by.

A fun Thanksgiving tradition for Lauren Freeman for the last couple of years is displaying the big, 7 feet 8 inch inflatable turkey they have in the yard. While some of the neighbors may not be too fond of the giant bird, the four Freeman children think it's lots of fun and she said they take lots of family pictures next to it. It's something they’ve come to look forward to putting up around Thanksgiving.

Growing up in Britta Merwin’s house, her mother would make her family’s famous nut roll, which by the way is a secret recipe. Her mother would also make homemade cinnamon rolls. Her family would sit together and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.