Vehicle burglar caught on surveillance video in Fort Bend County

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – The surveillance video may give the clearest picture yet of a thief probably responsible for at least three car burglaries -- maybe more -- in the Pecan Lakes in Fort Bend County.

The new video shows a masked man in a light shirt going through a truck in the 2600 block of Millers Falls. It happened just after 2 a.m. Thursday morning.

He got away with two watches.

One the same night, vehicles outside two other homes were also hit. The thief took a .45-caliber pistol and ammunition from one of them.

"My heart sunk, you know? I knew that something had happened, and I looked in my console and my weapon was missing,” the owner, Conley Shepherd, said.

It’s not clear if those break-ins are connected.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department said those were the only car burglaries reported in the neighborhood in the last three months.

Some residents said there have been more.

Lee Dorger said the break-ins began back in August.

A thief broke into his car Aug. 8.

The thief only got away with three pairs of glasses.

One pair was found the next day in a neighbor’s trash can.

Dorger said other neighbors reported similar break-ins, with some missing items found in a trash can. Dorger said it seems to frequently happen on nights when there’s no school the next day.

“I think it’s mostly kids, cause it’s on nights when kids are off,” Dorger said.

The Sheriff’s Department said in the same time period, 10 motor vehicle burglaries have been reported in the Pecan Grove subdivision, across FM 359 from Pecan Lakes.