Video shows man beaten while witnesses shout 'You voted Trump'


CHICAGO*Warning: The Twitter video below may be disturbing to watch and contains profanity.*

Police are investigating a video going viral showing a several people beating a man in a Chicago intersection while witnesses were yelling, "You voted Trump."

The incident happened the day after Tuesday's election in the Homan Square neighborhood, according to NBC Chicago. Video of the attack was posted on Twitter

The video showed a group of men punching and kicking a man repeatedly while witnesses stood around and watched. Witnesses in the video shouted, "You voted Trump" and "Don't vote Trump."

The victim tried to get into his car several times while the men continued to attack him. In a longer version of the video posted by vid.me, one of the attackers tries to steal the man's car while the victim is holding onto the side.

Police have not made any arrests as of Thursday afternoon.