2016 'Canstruction' benefits Houston Food Bank

HOUSTON – "Canstruction" is an educational work of art, a competition and an opportunity to give back to those less fortunate all rolled into one. 

"I think it's great, I think we need to help our community and this is our way of doing it,” the president of Canstruction Houston, Rhonda Holcomb, said.

The 2016 Canstruction has been 20 years in the making by bringing together local architects, engineers, construction firms and students.

The idea is to build creative sculptures out of canned goods competing against each other and 149 other cities around the world then turn their masterpieces into meals at Houston Food Bank when the competition is over.

"They go to the Houston food bank and they pack up the holiday baskets so they see where their cans are going," Holcomb said.

The Seven Lakes High School students are working on a canned space capsule called “Houston we have a ‘hunger’ problem.”

"(This) helps your engineering skills a lot, a lot of math went behind how many cans we're going to have to use like we used approximately 3400 cans," a student said.

The top three winners from Saturday’s contest will move on to the international competition in April.