One woman's survivor story, thanks to The Women's Home

HOUSTON – It's been nearly nine years since Nancy Chaky left The Women's Home, a place for women who are homeless and perhaps fighting addiction or mental illness.

“I've always suffered from depression and anxiety … I'm an incest survivor. I'm also a rape victim and I deal, dealt, with abandonment by my father when I was 15 years old,” said Nancy.

The worst moment came when her marriage of 26 years ended in a divorce.

“I struggled for a while, but there was a point where I just gave up,” said Nancy. “I didn't work and I didn't pay my rent, so I was evicted.”

She ended up sleeping on her friend’s couch. The turning point came when she realized the way she was living her life was hurting her children. But this isn't a story about her life's struggles, it's about overcoming them.

“You can live your life as a victim and feel sorry for yourself forever, or you can persevere,” said Nancy.

The Cottage Shop helped her do that. It's a resale boutique run by The Women's Home and its clients, which, for a time, included Nancy.

“Getting the donations, cleaning the donations, getting them ready to go out on the floor, pricing the donations,” said Nancy of her work at The Cottage Shop.

However, about a year ago, she found herself back at the store, but this time as a manager.

“This is my dream job,” she told KPRC Channel 2 News.

Now, not only is she supporting herself, she's supporting women who are overcoming their own struggles.

“I get to, to, be positive. Be an affirmation to them. I'm paying it forward,” said Nancy.