Haunted hotel could hold world's largest Ouija board

WINDBER, Pa. – In the middle of the small town of Windber, Pennsylvania lies a massive Ouija board.

Blair Murphy, an independent filmmaker from Los Angeles, bought the Grand Midway Hotel with some friends 15 years ago. He soon turned the haunted attraction into an unusual home.

The Grand Midway Hotel is known as one of the most haunted places in Western Pennsylvania and it has gotten even spookier.

Murphy painted a 44-by-29-foot Ouija board with letters, numbers and words used to communicate with ghosts on top of his house. Now the board could bring a world record to Windber.

"Well, for years, the roof itself was a canvas waiting for a painting. We were talking about the 'Guinness Book of World Records,'and they said they don't have a large Oujia board yet," Murphy said. "So they said they would create a category if we made the painting."

Murphy calls the board his giant piece of art, but some believe that Ouija boards draw in evil spirits.

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