DA Anderson brings up opponent Ogg's sexual orientation during interview

HOUSTON – The race for Harris County District Attorney is taking a new twist after comments from incumbent Devon Anderson on a podcast targeting her opponent Kim Ogg.

Anderson called out her opponent for being a liberal and brought her sexual orientation into the spotlight.

The comments were made by Anderson during a recent political podcast called The American Chronicles Podcast.

The entire interview lasted for about 30 minutes, but many are focusing on one of the remarks about Ogg made about halfway through the talk.


"That's very disappointing. We filed over 116,000 cases last year. That's about how many we file every year. They have a problem with me on one, maybe two cases. When they get a liberal, pro-choice lesbian district attorney, I wonder how many cases they'll have problems with, with her," Anderson could be heard saying.

That snip of the full interview made its way onto some political blogs sites of Anderson a few days ago during an interview on "The American chronicles" podcast.

Anderson's campaign said she was specifically talking about people and voters who took issue with her after the dismissal of a Planned Parenthood case a few months back.

According to the campaign, the minutes before and after those few seconds of the interview put the comments in their true context. Campaign officials said people need to listen to the entire interview.

Ogg said she feels this was a desperate move by someone who is down in the polls. She also feels this was a personal attack.

The race has been very tight and it's being closely watched by a lot of people.

We caught up with both Anderson's campaign for clarification of the comments, and asked Ogg for her thoughts.

"Devon Anderson used hateful bigoted language to attack me personally and my family personally to try and win this election. She is the highest elected public official. We expect more," Ogg said.

"I don't really think that people listening, people who want to judge a 30 minute interview by 15 seconds, I don't think are being fair or have any interest in really understanding the truth, " Allen Blakemore, Anderson campaign spokesperson, said.

To listen to the entire interview, click here.

The latest poll by the University of Houston has Ogg leading Anderson by seven points.

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