UH polls show Texans favor Trump more than Clinton

HOUSTON – The University of Houston Hobby School of Public Affairs on Tuesday released the results of a poll showing that, in Texas, Hillary Clinton is considered more unfavorable than Donald Trump.

According to UH Hobby polls, they conducted telephone interviews with 1,000 registered voters in Texas between Oct. 7 and Oct. 15, 2016, which revealed Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by 3 points in the presidential election.

Rice University political science fellow Mark Jones said Republican down ballots are in trouble because of the recent releases of Trump's  “Access Hollywood” tapes.

"Donald Trump has a millstone around Devon Anderson's neck," Jones said.

District Attorney Devon Anderson is running as a Republican and believes that local races matter more than the national polls.

“I'm not an idiot. I can see what's happening,” Anderson said. “Whether you vote in a national election or not, the local race for district attorney is a matter of life and death.”

Anderson said people were going to be more affected in their daily life by local offices than the presidential office.

Since 2000, no Republican presidential candidate has failed to carry Texas by less than 11 percentage points.

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