Woman claims hospital lied about fake nurse details

HOUSTON – Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital said Salma Guevara, a former hospital volunteer, pretended to be an ICU nurse and was in places where she should not have been.

An internal memo sent to staff from a security manager claims she wore black scrubs and appeared in the ER Monday night, claiming to have been sent there to help out and start IVs.

A woman claiming to be Guevara reached out to KPRC 2 twice after our story aired last night.

We spoke with her this afternoon.

“What they accuse me of, getting inside patient's room and all that other stuff, is not pretty much, it's not true. It's not true,” Guevara said.

But the hospital claims she did.

The memo states she was not wearing a badge, shadowed a nurse for several hours, went into patient rooms with nurses and freely walked in and out of the nursing stations.

“I mean some things are not even true. I'm just saying. What they are doing is they are just trying to make me look real bad in front of everyone,” Guevara said.

A hospital spokesperson told Channel 2 Guevara never interacted with patients or provided them care.

The woman on the phone claiming to be Guevara would not comment about her volunteer duties at the hospital.

“There's just one God who knows who I am and knows what really happened. Whatever they are trying to accuse me of at the end of the day, there's a God who sees everything so I shouldn't even worry about it,” Guevara said.

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