Thieves make off with $100,000 worth of tools, equipment from local business

HOUSTON – Take a close look at the crooks in action.

They were caught on surveillance video breaking into Ranger Oilfield Products around midnight Wednesday evening.

Matt Harughty, with Ranger Oilfield Products, explained, "It's big, no company wants to go through this. Especially in the oil and gas industry that's not exactly booming."

From start to finish, the thieves took nearly two hours stealing stuff.

They got away with everything from expensive equipment to a pair of custom trailers, one that still had a customer's product on it.

All of it amounted to a major setback for this family's manufacturing business.

"It's not cheap. They probably took about $100,000 worth of tools and equipment," said Harughty.

Adding insult to injury, the crooks even used a blowtorch that belonged to the shop to break into the back office.

They also used a forklift to swipe things from shelves.

Harughty mentioned, "People like this, who do this, they don't think or care about the small business or the people that you're hurting."

The company is now hoping someone watching will recognize these thieves for two reasons.

To help put them behind bars, and just as importantly, to recover their costly stuff.

"You know, we're trying to stay on our feet and grow, something like this is just added costs that we didn't need," said Harughty.

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