Behavior specialist caught on camera pushing young student

SNOOK, Texas – Snook Independent School District has issued a statement regarding an incident involving an employee and a young student Thursday morning.

According to the report, a behavior specialist employed by the school was "attempting to exert discipline and control over a young student."

The incident was reported to the principal by a high school student who had witnessed it.

The student also recorded the incident on his phone, according to the report. In the video, you can see an adult lifting and pushing a child onto a beanbag and then pushing him again by his head before picking him up by his arm and pushing him into the bag again.

The school's policy states that no student can possess a recording of another student, so the principal took the recording "and preserved it as a part of the initial investigation."

The instructor was immediately removed from duty pending a full review of the matter.

File: Snook ISD Statement