Restaurant Report Card: Employee handles food with bare hands

We kick off this week’s Restaurant Report Card with the Colonel at Kentucky Fried Chicken at 1526 North Loop West.

There, health inspectors found three cases of chicken not safe for human consumption because it was stored above safe temperatures.

All three cases of the stuff ordered was thrown away.

We move on to Charivari at 2521 Bagby, where the health department condemned 500 pounds of ice because it was found contaminated with both pink and black slime.

That machine was officially quarantined and taken out of commission until it can be made safe again.

We did not get a very warm reception at El Dorado Taco located at 9711 Wallisville Drive.
The restaurant was written up by inspectors for storing eggs at dangerous temperatures, making them unsafe for human consumption.

The eggs were found to be sitting at nearly 80 degrees.

When we tried to talk to management about the problem we were politely told to leave the place.

Up next is Indika, located at 516 Westheimer Road in Houston, where inspectors found employees breaking a big rule, handling ready to eat food with their bare hands.

The manager taking quick action though. 

He called us to say he has already retrained the entire restaurant staff on how to treat ready to-eat food.

And we wrap this report up with roaches, both dead and alive, found in the back hallway at Los Cucos at 1330 W. Bay Area Boulevard.

Inspectors also found refried beans, tamales, pork and nacho cheese, all unsafe for human consumption because of temperature.

We do want to congratulate the hardworking crew at Bozan Sushi Bar on Memorial for knocking out a perfect inspection report.

They receive our coveted A-Plus rating this week and we say, keep rocking that sushi!