Police search for teens accused of armed robberies near White Oak Bayou

HOUSTON – Houston police are searching for a group of teens accused of robbing people at gunpoint along White Oak Bayou on Wednesday night, police said.

Police said eight to ten teenagers were on bicycles while committing the crimes.

When officers arrived, the teens ditched the bikes and ran for the woods. Three of the teens surrendered, but several others may still be on the run, according to police.

A loaded handgun, which was reported stolen, and two knives were confiscated by police.

Two women were walking near the bayou when some of the teens approached them demanding their money and cellphones, according to witness reports. The women thought it was a joke due to the age of the teens, but one of the teens put a gun to one woman's head. The woman said she pushed him out of the way and they eventually ran away.

"He turns around with the gun and points it at my head," said Ashley Kattragadda, one of the women who was robbed. "He said, 'Give me the f'n money! ' I told him we didn't have any money."

Kattragadda and her sister were out for a walk and said the situation wasn't scary because the robbers were so young, they thought the whole thing was a joke.

"Then he wanted to point the gun at me and try to push me around," said Miranda Hernandez, another victim. "I was like, 'Get off me!'"

Police later informed the women the gun the teens were carrying was loaded.