Fans scramble for tickets to Pearland-Dawson game

PEARLAND, Texas – The hottest ticket in town right now is not for a concert or Broadway show, it’s for a high school football game.

Hometown throwdown, cross-city clash, inter-district battle, call it want you want, the game taking place at The Rig tomorrow night between Pearland and Dawson high schools is kind of a big deal.

The rivalry only began two years ago but it’s quickly become one of the biggest nights in Pearland. So big, tickets for the 12,000-seat event are nearly impossible to get.

“It’s sold out each year we’ve played,” says Pearland Oilers head football coach Tony Heath, who also describes the night this way: "It’s Friday night lights at its best.”

When they went on sale Monday morning, online tickets were gone in a few hours. At Dawson there was a line out the door but it didn’t last very long. Tickets sold out there around 11 a.m. Meanwhile, at Pearland about 100 tickets made it to Tuesday but not past it.

“For the city of Pearland, the community of Pearland, this is a really big, big event,” says Heath.

“It’s a good cross-town little rivalry but it’s also two head coaches who are good friends going at each other,” says Dawson Eagles head football coach Eric Wells.

The opposing coaches spent more than a decade working together, with Wells as Heath’s offensive coordinator. So when Dawson moved into the 6A Division three years ago, they knew this annual matchup was on its way. While they agree on the growing importance of this game, there’s one part of it they don’t quite see eye to eye on. You guessed it the predicted outcome.

“Well of course we’re going to yell for the Pearland Oilers,” exclaims Heath.

“No doubt the Dawson Eagles,” counters Wells.