Alligator relocated after scaring man in San Jacinto


SAN JACINTO COUNTY – An alligator decided on Thursday morning that the Holiday Villages subdivision on Lake Livingston was a greater place than any to hide out.

When Curtis Davis went outside his travel trailer around 5:45 a.m. that morning, he heard a strange hissing sound coming from behind him.

He looked around to locate the source of the noise and found a large alligator that was resting underneath his trailer.

San Jacinto Sheriff’s Deputies and the Polk County Game Wardens responded to his 911 call and decided that they needed a “Gator Wrangler” to assist them.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the group trapped the 11-foot gator alive, but it was so heavy that they needed a tractor to load it.

As the human population in Texas continues to expand, there have been an increased number of encounters between people and alligators, according to officials.

They recommend that residents near waterways or lakes should always use caution when outside and warn that alligators have a tendency to prey on pets.

As for this alligator, it was successfully relocated after a rather interesting morning.