Cancer patient wrongfully arrested for murder

PORT FALLS, Idaho – An Idaho woman battling breast cancer said she was wrongfully handcuffed and accused of being a murderer at a busy Port Falls Walmart.

Already frail and feeling weak from her treatments, she said the process was not only painful but also "humiliating."

"I want an apology," said Erin Peters. "I felt like I was extremely wronged. They went about it excessively. I was blatantly called a liar."

Peters said she was running a few errands at a Walmart after leaving a radiation appointment. She said law enforcement approached her from behind and put her in handcuffs.

"I honestly thought I was being mugged," she said. "They accused me of murder. I heard them say 'Whitley Evenson, you are under arrest for murder.' I said 'I'm not Whitley, please you've got the wrong person.' I was then called a liar. Tears started rolling."

Peters said she tried to clear up the mess by showing them proof of her identity. She said she was blown off.

"They said flat out, identify theft isn't that hard," she said. "I couldn't have been more shocked. They tightened the cuffs."

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