Reactions to the second presidential debate

Houstonians Sound Off on Debate

In Sunday’s town hall style debate  between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it was a fiery battle between two warrior candidates, who are both still shaking off negative reports about things they reportedly said behind closed doors.

For Trump, it’s the sexual remarks he made about women while wearing an open mic; for Clinton, the WikiLeaks statements she made about open trade and open borders.

But Sunday night, it was time for both candidates to buckle down and make their best case for how they plan to run this country.

At countless watch parties all over Houston, people pulling for both candidates spoke passionately about who they thought won Sunday’s debate.

"I think Hillary Clinton won this round before it ever began because of the despicable and reprehensible actions of her opponent," said Jerome Wald who watched the debate at Gage downtown.

"I loved that Hillary was so respectful all night long.  She always sat down and listened to him (Trump), while he just stood there behind her all night, like he just had to be in the camera lens," said Joyce Garfinkle.

Others praised Trump for sounding more sincere than in recent days and for apologizing for his recorded remarks caught by an open Access Hollywood microphone 11 years ago.

"For me, the highlight, I think the highlight for most republicans tonight was hearing a more sincere Donald Trump." said Chase Bradstreet.

"I was surprised by how much more prepared he sounded tonight, I did not expect that from him," said Pika Shetty.

Sunday night’s town hall debate included many questions from the live audience as well as questions from both Martha Raddatz of ABC News and Anderson Cooper from CNN.