Robber wearing scary mask robs bank courier car, police say

HOUSTON – A bank robber who wore a Halloween mask as he allegedly burglarized a bank courier's car was arrested Tuesday afternoon after leading police on a high speed chase.

Police said Damien Ross, 24, snatched a bag of financial instruments that were left in the bank courier's car while parked outside a bank near the intersection of Westview and Blalock. Financial instruments are typically checks, loans and bonds, according to police.

After taking the bag from the car, Ross fled in his car, fleeing at 95 mph down the Katy Freeway through downtown, when a DPS officer spotted his speeding car on I-10 east near Lockwood, and attempted to pull him over, according to officers.

Ross led the DPS officer on a short chase before he exited the freeway and disabled his car by striking a curb, authorities said.

Ross took off on foot, but didn't get too far before the DPS officer deployed a Taser on him and arrested him with the help of HPD officers, according to authorities.

As Ross sat in handcuffed in a police cruiser, he told Channel Two, “I don’t know what they talking about. They ain’t telling me nothing. I just know, I just know lawman going around shooting people. Know what I’m saying. Who wouldn’t run off?”

At the time of his arrest Thursday, Ross was free on bond, awaiting trial for evading arrest in March. According to police, he led police on a chase at speeds above 100 mph before flipping his car at the intersection of Clinton Dr. and Market Street after an officer attempted to pull him over. Ross then attempted to hide inside a Burger King restaurant, but was thrown out by customers, according to police. Police say he was arrested while attempting to flee across the East Loop freeway.